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Victorian Sterling Silver Scottish Crown and Shield Brooch with Agate and Citrine from 1874

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Scottish silver collectors: stop your hunt now, because this brooch is the perfect addition to your collection. This sterling silver Scottish crown brooch from 1874 has it all with its shield, crown, cross, agate and cairngorm. Born in the tradition of Scottish stone pendants, this item exemplifies the popular features of Victorian brooches. Queen Victoria first popularized the style of Scottish "pebble" jewelry after her purchase of a Scottish castle in 1847. This handsome piece features a centrally aligned cross pattée above a delicately hand engraved crown and shield. The crown has three bezel set cairngorm (also known as citrine) cabochons. Below the crown is a large shield set with 5 smooth agate stones marbled in red, cream, brown, and green including bloodstone and jasper. The three-dimensional form of the adorned crown juxtaposed with the surrounding smooth flat agate stones highlights the crown as the focal point of the brooch. It exhibits a high level of craftsmanship not only in the fine metalwork, but also the creative use of different types of agates. The strength of this design is as fashion forward now as in the Victorian era.

The brooch is in excellent antique condition. The only notable imperfection is a small rough spot on the bottom left red agate; it almost appears as if this tiny spot wasn't polished during stone cutting (see photos). This brooch has been tested as sterling silver. The back of the brooch is hallmarked with the British Diamond code. The hallmark indicates the brooch was made on March 5th, 1874 in parcel 9. The center of the of the diamond is marked "Rd" for Registry Design. The "I" circled above of the diamond indicates the material is metal. The top of the diamond is marked "5" for the day. The right side is marked "U" which refers to the year 1874. The bottom of the diamond is marked "W" for the month of March. Finally, the left side of the diamond indicates the parcel number "9". The brooch measures 2” by 1 5/8". The cabochon cairngorms each measure approximately 3mm.