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1940s 18K Gold Egyptian Revival Scarab Earrings

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No other beetle in the insect world has achieved as much play in fashion as the scarab. It’s no wonder with the enduring fascination with all things Egyptian. These stylish 18k yellow gold earrings are another sophisticated example of the Egyptian Revival style. The lively scarabs dangle from a half round post and are perched on a flat oval backing. They are meticulously detailed with linear designs on the legs, head, thorax, and abdomen. The backs of these earrings were also carefully considered. Each earring has a series of hieroglyphics depicting a scarab under the sun. This common hieroglyphic also appears on Hatshepsut's tomb. These eye catching earrings are a tribute to all things Egyptian.

They are in excellent vintage condition. The only imperfections we found were two tiny dings on the side of one of the half round posts. They are not visible unless scrutinized; see photos. There are Egyptian hallmarks on the post, front wing and bottom of the scarab. On the post, there is a gold purity hallmark for 18k indicated with the Arabic number for 18, followed by a Larus Gull which denotes its Egyptian origin, and ends with the Arabic letter for “W” denoting the year of its construction as 1946/47. The front of the scarab, on the wing and bottom of the scarab, are hallmarked again with the Arabic number for 18, denoting 18K.The scarab measures 5/8” long by 3/8” wide by ¼” deep. The total length of the earring including the post is 1”. Weighs 4.3 grams.